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Changing The Face of Cancer Research

“If I can make a difference by sharing with the world this information about fighting cancer naturally, it was all worth it.”

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Motivate, inspire and educate participants with this widely respected speaker and bestselling author on research and development of Natural Cancer Cures. Audiences will gain tools and a renewed attitude on Feeling Better Naturally.

These are a few titles of Sylvie’s keynote presentations.

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A Natural Approach to Cancer

A jaw-dropping cancer research program is ongoing in the U.S., yet it remains little known. In the face of the rising occurrence rates of different cancers, the results of this research could save many lives.

Follow Your Gut

The complexity of the gut and its importance to our overall health is a topic being brought to the forefront of the medical community. Numerous studies in the past two decades have demonstrated links between gut health and the immune system, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

3 Keys to Boost Your Immune System

Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s research provided us with a three step approach to fight viruses:
1. Strengthen the immune system
2. Inhibit viral duplication
3. Destruction of infected cells

The Truth About Viruses and Vaccines

A historical perspective about a controversial topic.

The Link Between Emotions and Disease

There is no doubt in my mind that negative emotions must be dealt with as an integral part of understanding the root of a disease and its cure, and that the proper approach to disease is neither entirely psychological, nor solely physiological.

Cancer Support for Men's Health

Each year over 150,000 men receive the dreadful cancer diagnosis. This presentation will teach scientifically proven, natural methods to prevent and fight cancer.

Sylvie Beljanski is a sought-after speaker at health and wellness conferences globally, where she has educated thousands of people about scientific breakthroughs in the field of integrative medicine.

One of the Top Inspirational Speakers on Natural Cures for Cancer

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Sylvie Beljanski is giving 100% of all her speaker fees and author proceeds to The Beljanski Foundation to support Cancer Research

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Sylvie Beljanski is giving 100% of all her speaker fees and author proceeds to The Beljanski Foundation to support Cancer Research

Upcoming Events

Learn more about natural, non-toxic approaches to cancer and other chronic diseases at one of the following events organized by Sylvie Beljanski, The Beljanski Foundation or our Partners in Health.
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Regenerative Medicine Summit

Sunday January 15 2023
Sylvie Beljanski is one of the 40+ top doctors, researchers and more presenting at this FREE virtual summit. You’ll learn how to use cutting-edge science and research to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and the future of healing therapies.

A Thorough, yet Natural Approach to After Cancer Treatment Care

Sunday February 19 2023
12:15pm - 1:15pm

A lecture by Sylvie Beljanski to be presented at the 16th Annual International IPT Conference: Stories of Cancer Survivorship: Integrative physicians share what worked and why.

2023 Virtual Healthy Tuesdays Schedule

  • January 24 – Detoxification, Reducing Inflammation, and Support of the Immune System
  • March 21 – Cancer diagnosis: Help! What can I do?
  • May 9 – How to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer
  • July 11 – Food of the future, what will we eat tomorrow?
  • September 13 – Group Health Coaching
  • November 7 – Breast Cancer: Stem Cells and Metastasis
  • December 12 – Angels & Champions for Cancer Research

* Dates and topics subject to change

On Demand Events

Winning The War On Cancer:

The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure

President Nixon signed the “War on Cancer” into law in 1971. Some forty-five years and several billion dollars later,

it looks like we have lost the battle. Or have we?

A Breakthrough Book That is Astonishing and Compelling

Changing the face of cancer research, and offering real hope to the millions of cancer patients struggling to survive.

Sylvie Beljanski is giving 100% of all her speaker fees and author proceeds to
The Beljanski Foundation to support Cancer Research

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          Follow Sylvie Beljanski

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