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Working To Cure Cancer The Natural Way

For over 40 years, Dr. Beljanski studied the environmental impact on DNA replication and transcription.

The Beljanski Foundation winning The Great Non Profit Award

The Beljanski Foundation was selected as one of the only nonprofit cancer research organizations in New York to earn the GreatNonProfits Golden Seal of Approval.

The Beljanski Foundation continues to pride itself on helping the community by working to cure cancer the natural way.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster and develop scientific methods that stem from Dr. Beljanski’s research for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Continuing Research

The Goal of the research programs and scientific studies is to shine a light on the true solutions the holistic approach can provide for cancer patients and people suffering from other chronic diseases.

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Educating The Public

Our goal is to expand education for natural alternatives to care for people with cancer.  We do this by building relationships, strengthening our community and supporting each other with messaging that communicates solutions and comfort.


Our work is made possible by the generous donations of individuals who believe in the mission of The Beljanski Foundation and share our commitment to working to cure cancer the natural way. Please help us do more.

The Beljanski Legacy

This moving documentary traces the humble beginnings of Dr. Mirko Beljanksi in Serbia through his scientific discoveries while at The Pasteur Institute in Paris. The film includes numerous interviews with MDs and PhDs to offer an understanding of the science developed by Dr. Beljanski, The Father of Environmental Medicine.



Thank you for your support! Your generosity will go a long way in saving people’s lives by helping to fund research programs to cure cancer the natural way. You can donate in four simple ways!


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The Beljanski Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to The Beljanski Foundation are deductible as qualified charitable contributions.

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Learn more about natural, non-toxic approaches to cancer and other chronic diseases at one of the following upcoming events organized by
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