valentine's day phthalate-free fragrances

Valentine’s Day: Phthalate-free Fragrances for Your Loved One

Cologne Because Valentine’s Day is the opportunity for me to offer two phthalate-free fragrances, “Fleur d’amour” and “BECAUSE…”, which I created in association with a renowned perfumer in New York.

His mission was to create two “delicate, sensual, and toxin-free” fragrances, one with a mild flowery scent and the other with a woody and musky aroma.

Of course, he started by telling me it was impossible, and then when I refused several first “batches,” he said I was stubborn and difficult to work with. Finally, one day he presented me with what was going to become “Fleur d’amour,” then a few weeks later, another blend of essences for “BECAUSE…”.

I am very proud of those creations that ideally find their place within the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness philosophy, considering the importance of protecting ourselves against daily environmental toxins.

Fleur d amour While most of the perfumes on the market contain many toxic molecules contributing, day after day, to a cumulative and progressive DNA destabilization; for Valentine’s Day, Maison Beljanski offers fragrances without phthalates – chemical molecules acting as hormone disrupters, and unfortunately present in most beauty products. “Fleur d’amour by Sylvie Beljanski®” is a sophisticated fragrance with a floral accent created for romantic women. As for “BECAUSE … by Sylvie Beljanski®,” it is a stimulating blend of mandarin, Italian Bergamot, and musk that men like to wear.

By offering a phthalate-free perfume, you will take care of your loved one’s health and actively participate in the fight against cancer. Indeed, for each bottle purchased, 5 dollars will be donated to cancer research supported by the Beljanski Foundation.

Why products without toxicity?
Dr. Mirko Beljanski was the first to demonstrate that environmental toxins can induce progressive and cumulative DNA destabilization, causing many diseases. Therefore, minimizing our exposure to toxins by choosing natural products daily is essential to staying healthy.

It is in this state of mind and to emphasize the importance of prevention that I have chosen to create, in addition to the Beljanski® products, Targetage®, a line of quality nutrients (natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) highly bioavailable and French Secret®, a skincare line made with high-quality essential oils and various plant extracts, formulated without synthetic preservatives.

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2023: A year that invites us to reflect and be grateful!

cancer testimonials

Yes, these are challenging times. The over-juxtaposition of a global health pandemic, the return of war to Europe, a divided political landscape, the global impact of inflation and recession, and the continued assault on our personal freedoms have left us all exhausted and anxious.

But 2023 will mark both the 100th anniversary of Mirko Beljanski’s birth and the 25th anniversary of his death. So, what better way to honor his memory than by saluting his discoveries and showing our appreciation for the support these discoveries have provided – and continue to provide – many patients worldwide?

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